Monopoly on Mugs is Over!


It was a sad day to visit the McLaggan Smith stand at the Harrogate trade fair last week. Armed with my comprehensive list of Monopoly mugs to re-order, I was alarmed to hear that the license for producing the mugs has now expired and there will be no more available.

Limited edition reaches its limits!

Limited edition reaches its limits!

It’s a shame not least because they’re popular but also it seems like another last grasp at my childhood has escaped me! Thank God for the resurgence of interest in space hoppers and Raleigh chopper bikes!!!

The mugs have a great, tactile feel. Yes, they’re mass produced but at least there is a nod to style, and a respect for the original designs of the game. And like it or not, they smell of quality production, a standard you just don’t get with a 99p mug from the supermarket.

They made for such a versatile gift…you’d be amazed by the number of people who bought the Electric Company for their sparky partners, journos buying up Fleet Street  and the wannabes Mayfair!

I’m not sure how licensing works but I just hope that someone else doesn’t come along and recreate them as tacky gimmicks.

Buy ’em while you can!


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One Response to “Monopoly on Mugs is Over!”

  1. Lionel Bunting Says:

    The piece of art on Aqueduct Street was an installation as part of the greening of the area that just fell into the city’s funding area. The piece is supposed to celebrate/commemorate the lost aqueduct that ran across this area some many years ago and since disappeared. I have to say its nice idea but how small could it be, could this not have been a landmark installation signifying the greatness of the aqueduct and almost gateway too the universitat area of Preston, not some little 5 ft tall stick in concrete – its not like anyone is appreciating it there isn’t even a bench for the brown bagged cider drinking winos to sit at and marvel the work. It’s not interactive, it’s not significant, it doesn’t interact with the public; and as for greening the area, they ripped out sections of shrubbery and trees to install them! hmmmmm……

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