Hiding your light under a bushel


My best friend, Gillian, got married some 17 years ago (I think) to a fabulous bloke called Mark Freeman. He’s a naturally funny, interesting and intelligent bloke, down to earth, grounded, straight forward and perfect, charming company. We spend many a warm evening on holiday debating the merits, or not, of Phil Collins, Joe Dolce, Sade and Fats Waller. We discuss Jack Vance novels and the demise of society well into many a night.

Yet in the midst of all these political, literary and musical debates, he’s never once expressed his own creative leanings and I’ve certainly never been aware of him carrying a camera save the odd family occasion.

So I’m gobsmacked, no other words for it, that having known him nearly 30 years, that this massive creative talent has suddenly emerged, and he’s getting no end of praise for his work on Flickr.

His photographs are witty, moody, explosive, magical, theatrical, dreamy, straight and warming.  I want to choose a selection to sell on newroomsonline but wonder where to start………Blackpool;

World's Largest Glitter Ball by Mark Freeman The steps down to Blackpool Beach by Mark Freeman Off the Blackpool coast by Mark Freeman Blackpool's South Shore looking north by Mark Freeman

the wooden man;

Artist's dummy playing footie by Mark Freeman Schweppes bottle kills dummy by Mark Freeman pondering inanimate objects by Mark Freeman Artist's model on crash diet by Mark Freeman

or many of the countless abstracts?

A big drip by Mark Freeman I found my by Mark Freeman Fizzy pencils by Mark Freeman Cherries on White

If you have a favourite let me know because we really want to get some made into prints!

Photography a lifetime love for me, my favourite picture of all time being Henri Cartier Bresson‘s Women Praying at Dawn in the Himalayas, Srinagar, 1948.

Henri Cartier Bresson Photo

Other greats I love include Adel Beukes, Ilsa Moore – both South African and contemporary, Bill Brandt (how I’d die to own his Limited Edition Book of Nudes – surreal, sublime, utterly phenomenal) and a new discovery following a visit to the National Media Museum in Bradford on Friday – Dan McCullin. Check ’em all out – they each make your heart sing in a thousand different ways.


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