Things that make you go mmmmmm…


Followers of our tweets will note we had a lovely dinner at Tropeiro, a fantastic Brazilian restaurant in Manchester last night…although I think I tweeted it as Tribeiro – oops.

What a revelation…the absolute best salad bar ever punctuated by a superb chap offering ten different cuts of meat, roasted over a barbecue, over the course of the evening and rounded off with a few Brazilian cocktails. Meat which melted on your tongue, one tasting buttery, the next gamey, then smoky, spicy, hearty, Spanish…..every conceivable delicious taste you can imagine.

Never thought of having lamb flavoured with lime before but that really works – never had a Brazilian meal before and it was stunning! We shall return.

So I got to thinking what else makes me go mmmmmmm

I’ve always wanted a pair of Camper shoes and never found any which would fit my broad feet before and found an exquisite pair last Friday. Check these beauties out!

Camper's Ariadna

I love them for many reasons. First and foremost they’re Camper and I’m THAT shallow that just the name makes me want them – how’s that for brand loyalty even though I’ve never owned a pair before?!

Secondly the leather is so soft and comfortable, flexible yet has support, has a delightful brown line skirting the edge of the shoe.

Thirdly I’ve always loathed strappy bars across my foot – I think they instantly make feet look dumpy, squat and inelegant, yet these make me feel like a flamenco dancer. They have that homage-yness about them. They make me want to put my flamenco dress on (I’m not joking) and stick my Joaquin Cortes CD on full blast and then swirl my arms around in that willowy bendy way. I’m convinced the way Flamenco is taught must be to get women to dip their elbows in water and then ask them to raise them about their heads and move their arms to stop the drips ever reaching their hands – otherwise how would you create that sensual movement?

I’d wanted a flamenco dress since the age of five when walking down a street in Spain I stopped and saw all these tiny dresses hanging up and begged my Mum to buy me one.

At the ripe old age of 39 I think, I was in Jerez for the first time and stopped outside an incredible Flamenco attire outlet. A friend of mine had asked if I ever saw a typical Andalusian man’s hat to buy him one and there it sat in the window but I explained I couldn’t go in because I’d have to try on a dress and should one fit me I’d have to buy it…..and the rest is history. Until I put on 4 inches I would hoover in it just for the thrill!

big spanish beautiful dress
It’s a halter neck style which makes me feel like Diana Dors at her height


whereas I currently feel like Ms Dors at her worst!

It was a dreamy purchase. The dress didn’t meet by two inches when I tried it on and the shop assistant merely said, “Go and have a Sherry on the corner and come back in an hour, it will fit” and it did.

And I love it almost as much as my MGB

Mitzi the Beautiful

and my mugs collection!

Back left to right - Wally Keeler, Kate Malone & Richard Godfrey. Front Vivenne Ross. and these…

Louis Mulcahy and Matthew Blakeley with Daphne Carnegy in the foreground!The MG has been my own personal version of Stephen King’s Christine for longer than I care to remember. I love the smell…always vaguely dirty and petroly, the sound the gear stick makes if you squeeze it, like she’s talking to you, the fact that the buttons on the dashboard are like some old Tonka toy, in fact I think that’s the point, it feels like I’m driving a giant toy! I feel 17 when I drive it. No wonder Mazda based the MX5 on the MGB, it’s a benchmark for style and classic design. (well I would say that wouldn’t I??? But they did – that bit’s true!)

And you all know my passion for ceramics but it was exchanging tweets with Skinnylaminx the other day that made me think about showing you my mugs. For tea you can’t beat Matthew Blakeley’s celadon glazed porcelain. It’s soft to the touch, evocative of ancient Chinese ceramics but so subtly contemporary and tactile.

Coffee’s a different thing – definitely Richard Godfrey for some time now but prior to him Louis Mulcahy but you could never get enough coffee in the mug to satiate the thirst. Chocolate’s Daphne Carnegy’s domain. Vivienne Ross is wonderful for a tea on the hoof, for mixing cornflour and water for recipes, Kate Malone‘s a good soup mug and Wally Keeler you just stand back and observe – mainly because if I broke him I’d be gutted!

Ah well enough musings….I’ve not even touched the tip of mmmm musings…there’s still Cumbria, the chandelier which used to hang in Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 (where is that now?), the old Milky Ways oooh and countless other stuff!


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  1. Savannah Says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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