Your questions answered!


At newroomsonline like everyone else, we receive many frequently asked questions to the degree that we felt we should take the time to write it all out for you!

Do you make all the products?

When this was first asked we were quite thrown, and yes, amused – we stock so many different makers and manufacturers, designers and artists that we thought it obvious that such a variety of styles could not be from just one person’s stable. So no, sorry to shatter your illusions, but we don’t make any of the products ourselves though I am dying to get back to my ceramics and photography and  get some of my own work on show.

Where is your shop?

We don’t have a shop we are online only. We took a lovely call from a lady in Grange-over-Sands recently who was mortified that someone answered the phone at 7am, thinking she had woken us up and that she’d hear a recorded message stating our opening hours.

Can we collect?

Yes you can collect but you must call to arrange a collection. We have no shop and you would literally be popping into an office to pick up any orders.

Can I see your wholesale price list?

No, sadly we do not have one for you. We are a shop and not a manufacturer/producer/agent or maker. Most of these requests come from the States and we’re truly sorry not to be able to supply you on wholesale terms.

Where do I send returns?

Our postal address, for administrative purposes, appears on the website plus every order has a sticker on it with our address in full. Please send all returns to that address shown.

My country does not appear on your list of destinations eg Malaysia. Will you send to us if we’re not on the list available?

In most cases yes we will ship anywhere – there has to be a pretty good reason why we can’t ship somewhere but please contact us by email stating the items which you wish to order and include a phone number and appropriate time for us to call you and take your credit/debit card details. We will work out the postage and let you know a total price before discussing payment.

NEVER send us an email containing your credit card details! We will telephone to discuss this with you.

Can you leave the order in the shed, the greenhouse, at a neighbours?

Sadly no. We require a signature for all our parcels so that we can trace them otherwise a lost parcel would be your word against ours and we like our customers and would rather not fall out with them!

The parcel must be signed for at the delivery address given.

Can you deliver to a different address?

Yes, easily. What we would ask you to do is be careful filling in the order form. Please do not confuse the invoice and delivery address or your payment is likely to be rejected by the bank.

You’re wildly attractive, are you single?

Ha ha ha ha – no, actually we never get asked this! But you might like to try this site instead which is more appropriate to your needs!

Hope this has been of some use to you – if there’s anything else you need to know please do ask.


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