Up on my soapbox – AGAIN!


Just a shortie today for a number of reasons.

1. It’s my birthday and I’m 43 and I’ve better things to do.

2. I’ve woken up short on ideas.

3. My good friend Bridget Batty of Limetree PR says she reads my blog and thinks, “Oh here we go….” so I’m obviously off on one ALL the time

4. I’m sure today’s has been done in a Which? Magazine-style precis somewhere!

So I was standing doing the washing up after @groovegenerator, my divine husband, cooked me a rather fabulous 3 course dinner last night, and thinking, “This damned washing up liquid is rubbish!”

We really try in our house to be environmentally aware. David is much better than me travelwise taking the train or his bike everywhere….whereas I’m just a petrolhead by comparison. With the website, too, we recycle as much packaging as we can making for some curious parcels but we know it amuses our customers!

In addition to this I suffer with asthma though suffer is perhaps too dramatic a description – I have asthma – and after 43 years I know my triggers.

One of the biggest irritants is household and personal cleaning products – highly perfumed anything gets on my chest so I avoid strong smells at all costs and welcomed the suggestion a few years back that women in the workplace wearing overly stinky stuff could be pursued through the courts if proven a hazard.

Room fragrances constitute my ultimate in betes noires! They NEVER smell nice. In fact I am often heard asking if a bookie would take a bet that within the next 10 years they be discovered to link to lung cancer (I’m not joking). If you have allergies you walk into a room with a smelly room block, mister, oil, candle, spray or whatever, and it feels instantly like someone has thrown acid in your face and you have to claw at your skin to get it off, then it burns your lungs, then your chest seizes up, then it’s time for trouble! My best advice for asthmatics and those entertaining an asthmatic is open a window! I digress…….

I love Ecover products. The cream cleanser is about the best find in terms of cleaning that anyone can ever discover (I am sure it would shift anything) but my beef today is washing up liquids.

Booths (praise be for they are Mecca to the average NW dweller) sell a great range of eco products, primarily Ecover, Method and Bio. So I decided for a change to not buy my Ecover Marigold washing up liquid but Method.


For starters, how you get into the bottle requires a blowtorch, treeloppers or highly overdeveloped dentures! The cap implies it’s a twist turn and then a squeeze of HIGHLY CONCENTRATED gack for sudtastic domestics. I thought maybe I was being a bit dippy, wrapped one too many orders or just not had my daily Neighbours fix and was out of sorts, but no, even David could not work it out. In the end we just ripped the whole cap off and poured far too much into the sink every time we washed up as a result – maybe a cunning marketing ploy to have you buy more frequently than is actually necessary!

This is the Lavender, Grapefruit is the pink one!

OK I’ll give it the suds….it is very concentrated and it does go on forever but the grapefruit flavour – grapefruit being one of my favourite smells on earth – was more like 2 day old cat pee! Revolting and do you really want your plates smelling of that?

It was a relief when we came to the end of the bottle, covered in sticky goo all over the outside and just a functionality nightmare.

Looks slick - suds tragic!

Before finally returning to Ecover I have given Bio a chance too. It has no smell – good result.

It’s really thin and doesn’t sud up well in our house so I am constantly topping up the water and adding more gloop…..not the environmental approach I’d wanted. It looks cool on the sink side, and I am shallow enough to seek out aesthetically attractive products but beyond that I am reverting back to my Ecover forthwith as soon as the bottle is finished.

Trusty favourite - smells lovely, bubbletastic, earthloving!

I am sure things like water pressure  make a difference but I won’t be buying a different washing up liquid for some time.

Am sticking with the old adage – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

We love ECOVER!


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