Christmas Review and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year newroomsters, I hope Christmas wasn’t too stressful and that the New Year promises to be special….if only for the gargantuan weightloss we have promised to achieve here at New Rooms HQ!

For the first time in our history the Christmas period ran right up to the wire, aided enormously by Christmas Day falling at the end of a week and the Royal Mail doing the best job we’ve ever experienced.

Without tempting fate – it was the first Christmas when we had no breakages whatsoever, so hats off guys!

Naturally we had other issues with which to contend – suppliers who promised faithfully that we would receive our orders in good time – like the end of October, which never turned up at all, or the one which we had ordered in February expecting a May delivery……which turned up on Christmas Eve!

So please do accept our apologies if our newsletter made promises it couldn’t keep or you come across a blank page on the site with nothing on it! We shall be dealing with it as soon as possible.

We’re hoping for some new changes in stock over the forthcoming twelve months -as some designs reach the end of their license others are in such high demand that, to stock them, we would either be entering a dutch auction with our other online counterparts, or, we would become invisible among the many others vying for first place on Google!

We might even go into producing our own ranges of items but this is very much in its infancy so don’t hold your breath.

I’m keeping it brief with a million and one things to get through today so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be in with a chance of winning a giftette! We award a monthly prize to the reader who forwards it to the highest number of people! Incentive-central!


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