Designs on sledging – top results for ingenuity.


I for one think that the snowy weather has been wonderful, I’ve woken up every day wanting a snow ball fight, itching to build a snowman and dying for a sledge – which is why Saturday was such a frustrating but fabulous day – I insisted we went for a walk to the local fell – Beacon Fell…….and it never occurred to me to take a sledge – D’OH!!!

We walked up the main road as all the access roads were closed and a group of about 50 people was sledging, skiing and snowboarding down the fell – FANTASTIC!

David and I remarked that this had to be blogged simply down to the countless styles of vehicle! No two were alike – but had very different results.

Top prize for speed, ingenuity and all round good laughs – the four lads riding an HGV mud flap!

Second prize for speed and timeless elegance – the classic sledge with metal running edges and the all wood retro version.

The poorer modes of travel were bivvy bags, recycle bin lids and those awful flat plastic dish seats sold as sledges. It’s not that they didn’t work, it’s that others were just better!

Naturally the sledges currently on sale were in evidence but no good for getting more than one person at a time – for that you need a giant inflatable donut!

Other forms included body boards, wake boards and tea trays!

Hats off – it was such a fab afternoon watching everyone. Health & safety flew out of the window with countless saying how great it was to stick two fingers up to the nanny state and have some fun. Bruises – de rigeur, biting cold and hunger – a must, laughs, screeches and giggles – obligatory. Total strangers all stood round chatting – no nervousness or suspicion just bloody good fun and an instant friendship!

If we could be guarenteed weather like this every year newroomsonline would definitely be stocking sledges as a priority – think of the fun researching suppliers!


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