Surprising Little Luxuries – update Part 1!


I’ve had a mad few weeks. Not only was it (in fact probably still is) trade fair central but so many other things have been going on that I’ve not had time to write.

I’ll get back to the trade fairs in a separate post but today I am still reeling from a seminar I attended yesterday. A room filled with professional giants in the online retailing field had been using newroomsonline as  a study and I was asked to attend the feedback session and am nothing short of overwhelmed by the feedback and thought it might be worthwhile sharing a few discussions with all y’all.

When I first bought newroomsonline many people asked why I’d called an online gift shop by that name, and four years on, they still ask. Some tell me they think I’m a late room bookings site, others an interior designer and best of all a news agency (be afraid Reuters!) when the simple truth is that I bought it as an ongoing concern from a guy who had a physical shop called New Rooms. As such I decided I was not about to lose the existing customer base by changing the name. Whilst I don’t see it as problematic, there is one inherent additional hiccough from time to time which is where the ‘s’ is. It was borne out of New Rooms NOT News Room! You get my point.

One point that was raised was that perhaps one of my aspirations might contradict the current way of doing things and that’s the recycling of packaging. I always love buying underwear in Bravissimo. If you shop there you’ll know what I mean. You don’t leave with a plastic bag containing something you just bought, you leave with what feels like a personal treat to yourself – the presentation is wonderful. Friends who shop with strawberrynet say the same thing. Opening their parcels is an event.

And I guess coming from an event management background, that’s where I’m at. Aspirationally I dream of having our own branded boxes, so that what you are opening feels all the more like a surprising little luxury. I am, however, torn between that goal and the very real truth which is the horrendous amount of packaging I receive and a conscience. I can’t throw any packaging away. I re-use whatever I can wherever, bolstered by bought in bubble wrap and tissue, but in deference to my customers don’t want that ever to detract from their buying experience. So tell me. Would you rather have your parcels in brand new, bespoke designed packaging or recycled or maybe a mix?

Another point raised was that the departments are now too big to be one, so as soon as I can I’ll get round to fixing that and breaking them down into more user-friendly sized pages, but bear with me, it’s just me at the helm. If it gets pushed aside give me a bit of a nudge, please.

That’s all for today but I’ll be back. Don’t want to spend so much time blogging that I don’t start to implement the wisdom so gratefully received.


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