Surprising Little Buying Policies!


So four days on I’m still keen to implement as many of the changes advised by greater minds than mine last week at MMU.

I’ve tended to shy away from too much personal interjection on the site for fear of many things. Do you really want to know why I buy one product over another? I know I’m opinionated, outspoken and let’s face it, a bit gobby when I’m on my soapbox, so like I say best not to bore would-be buyers out of a purchase!

I do buy from the heart. It’s not always the best commercial sense to some but to me there is a valid reason. A good example would be the Playboy merchandise. I can’t argue with their figures, with the popularity of the brand, with how perfectly their products would sit across many departments on my site but I just can’t get past the fact that it’s the Playboy brand and some of my customers are young girls.

I want newroomsonline to be a beacon of good design and manufacture, of contemporary or retro icons…and there’s the rub. How iconic is the Playboy brand? It’s global, it’s recognised by all age groups, it’s sexy, fun and you can get everything from a notebook to a mug in it. So why not?

Times have moved on but as a 43 year old woman, as hard as I try, I continue only to see those bunny ears in conjunction with the sex industry and as such, if I had a 1o year old daughter would not want to see them walking around school, carrying Playboy merchandise – so rightly or wrongly can never bring myself to buy the range. That’s why I’d never make it as a buyer for a high street chain…too principled, too heart overruling the head…..too daft?

I’m not so naive as to know that my own preconceived ideas are dated….just as some kids might not know what a JCB is, what Caterpillar do, that a Harley Davidson is also a motorbike, kids nowadays know the Playboy brand only as the funky merchandisers, it’s only my own moral high ground preventing me from making, what in a different life, is probably a good business decision.

I might come round but it’s unlikely.


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