Best of British Contemporary Leather Designs


Last week I finally got Barbara Wiggins‘ stunning leather goods into the site. It’s a range I’ve wanted to have for a long time but have waited to get a more comprehensive selection than just a few items.

I’ve never been one to buy just one item by a designer, my argument being a tokenistic gesture does neither you nor them and their product any favours.

I don’t know Barbara, having only met her a couple of times but in the little time I have spent with her, she’s just lovely. There’s no designer attitude, no sense that she’s too big to be spoken to! That maybe because she’s a grounded Irish woman with nothing to prove! There’s no ego, no self imposed importance which is quite common in younger designers I meet along the way, in fact one of my most commonly overused words – she’s adorable!

Her designs are simple, classic and utterly irresistible. There isn’t a single piece I wouldn’t have myself.

Her selection of products is much much bigger than what I’ve chosen for the site but I wanted to bring in the retro side with her vintage range of pre-battered looking leather….

Vintage A6 notebooks

Barbara Wiggins Leather Document Wallet

and her glamorous side with the crackled metallic leather.

Crackle Metallic Leather Pencil Cases

Uber glamourous A-lister notebooks

The items are exquisite and come  in some great colours. Again I’ve not taken every colour but please do shout if you’re specifically after one colour and I’ll see if I can’t get hold of something for you. They started selling before I’d really had a chance to launch them so fingers crossed as this is a stunning range.

Tell your friends!


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