Tunnock’s teacakes without the weight gain!


I saw this range of Tunnock’s teacakes products, by Gillian Kyle, back in January when I still wondered what to buy in this year for the site. They are the only item I’ve bought on impulse in a long time. As a rule I’m a bit more cautious when I buy new lines but I loved the whole range on sight. Call it love at first sight.

I am a bit lame, I have to admit to them being my most favourite biccie ever, though I’m not sure if the guys at ‘A nice cup of tea and a sit down’ would agree that they are biccies…..and none of that should detract from the design. I love Gillian’s take on the wrapper design, a faithful reproduction and oh so cool in their application to T-shirts….

Men's tees in khaki, grey and navy blue.

aprons…..phwoarr diggin’ that model…

@groovegenerator models Tunnocks aprons!

heavy duty shopping bags with shiny, red design….

Looking cool around the shops!

every day shoppers, great for carrying school books…

Raw cotton totes!

to tea towels……

An agreeable way to dry up!

So take a look around the New Designers section and let us know what you think. We’ll be stocking more stuff by Gillian later in the year, good Scottish design at its best…..you will absolutely LOVE what we have in store!


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