You’ll be hanging on the telephone!


The Lenasia Range

Blondie Mania hits newroomsonline and about time too. I’ve been a bit of a drip really in not buying these in before now but there’s method in my madness.

Historically, when I had a gallery, many moons ago, makers were very particular about whose work their own would be exhibited alongside. I was based very near UCLAN and used to take in work by the 3D students on a sale or return basis and established ceramists took great offence at the thought of their work being alongside that of students, or even, lesser known artists than themselves.

So I’m still carrying buying styles of that era, like baggage….for want of a better expression.

As I’m not a couture, fashion or handbag specialist but very much on the gift side of retail I had imagined them not wanting to supply me but forgetting I was carrying my own Petrolino bag when I saw them, they were more than happy to supply me.

The bags are exquisite. I truly can’t understand why every woman hasn’t got one. The leather is so soft and deluxe, the design practical yet funky that really the only thing which might put you off is the price.

But let’s just put that into perspective – you can buy some real rubbish for the same price, badly made, totally impractical and a one minute wonder. These bags look like they’d last forever. I’m on my second one in 3 years and both look as new as the day I bought them, immaculate and durable, yet the softness of the leather might lead to think they’d not be so robust.

Can’t say any more other than, you won’t regret buying one!

Blondie Mania’s styles are timeless, elegant and made for every woman. Each bag has their tell-tale pink lined interior, lots of perfect pockets and looks just fabulous on your shoulder!

I’ve taken the season’s main colours – black, chocolate brown, olive green, lavender and indigo but I’d have every one myself! And we’re focussing on three styles:




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