When your own stock scares you – the mental Block!


I took delivery of some new jewellery last month, which I do absolutely adore. Customers or just admirers of the site will know that I stock very little jewellery.

It’s not a commercial decision that jewellery doesn’t sell, or that it’s not a classic gift – on the contrary, I think when you’re at the high end of that particular industry the mark-ups are astonishingly good and trade is always brisk. I could do worse than to take a keener interest!

No, my decision against carrying much of the apparently lovely jewellery out there is based on my skin crawling at the thought of having to touch it. I have the most acute phobia towards most jewellery of a delicate nature….anything tiny and intricate, anything dangly with bits on it, all things chainlike and liable to make a sound if you put them down on a hard surface – the thing most likely to make me run for the hills or vomit instantly!

I could easily be mistaken for one of those ‘nutters’ you see on the TV from time to time who perpetually feel they have to wash their hands…..for I am doubtless one of them. If I am at a trade fair surrounded by jewellery stands I almost feel like I’m suffocating. For me jewellery smells, and it smells of death! Yeah, I know, melodramatic or what? Happily I have no idea what death should smell of but if I did then I am under no illusion that jewellery shares said scent!

Aside from the overpowering smell I imagine it to have, if I touch fine beads or especially chains, it’s simply intolerable. I can’t bear the sensation. I find myself endlessly rubbing the palms of my hands down my clothes trying to rid myself of the sensation but hey – it makes me a cheap date! LOL

But on a serious note, how would I write flattering copy about something I detest? How would I manage to package it up. With all due respect to my makers at Mojo, I love the colours, and customers have loved the product, but every time someone buys a piece, it ain’t me who wraps it and packs it up – that is delegated to my retired father, aka John the Warehouse . Thank goodness we’re a family business or my staff would think I’m a freak! No comments…….ahem.

So this all leads me to the joy it was to meet the guys from Block Designs. Their jewellery is solid and, I guess, blocky! It’s subtle and light and clean, the lines are elegant and the manufacture fabulously high quality. Their materials are acrylic, sterling silver and stainless steel depending upon the piece and each one makes me feel I can breathe!

Hope you enjoy it – hope you feel inclined to buy it!

These hoop earrings are not going to make your lobes drag along the ground – au contraire, they’re lightweight and very funky!

We don’t leave the men out either! These acrylic and stainless steel cufflinks are absolutely divine!

My favourite all-time overused phrase has to be effortlessly elegant when describing things I love and these beautiful acrylic and sterling silver necklaces would not be inappropriately described in such a manner!

Check out the rest of our selection from Block Designs under our new designers on the home page!


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