Spain – the highs and the lows!


Where it all began!

This is my most favourite shop in Spain, and the inspiration for newroomsonline. It’s where I first spotted all the fab Jordi Labanda stuff and started buying it up with a view to one day selling it for myself. They sell all manner of notebooks, stationery, painting equipment and bags…such a cool selection. I guess a franchise would have been less hassle but not so much fun!

I adore Spain. People who don’t ‘get’ it just miss out. It’s the most calming, beautiful, stylish, dreamy place on earth……though Greece comes a close second…and Ullswater…oh, and Thailand!

What bugs me is that the minute I touch down my bodily functions go to pot. My digestive system seems to go on holiday too and my ankles swell at the drop of a hat….so rather than drink gallons of fizz, or if I’m sick of just drinking water, I choose this..Aquarius.

You’ll notice that it’s a Coca Cola product…so why can’t we buy it here??? I don’t get it. Don’t we live in global brand central?

And more to the point, the very best mixer on the planet for your G&T is this….Nordic Mist tonic water also from Coca Cola…but can I find it in this country??? No way…..

So while I’m venting my spleen about what one can buy there but not here….I must finally add this. I imagine it can have no nutritional value whatsoever but reminds me so much of my youth and the joy of eating it is indescribable. Behold the Pantera Rosa from Bimbo.

Anyway I’ve only been back in the country 10 days and already I’m cold, sick of not being able to swim outdoors and sickened by the fact that we discovered a fantastic restaurant on our last afternoon, and only got to go the once! Mind you, it was memorable. After a delicious tomato salad starter (HUGE) for one, we shared the best calamares ever, then some hake, munched on fresh squashy spongey bread, drank lovely cafe con leches and brandy….and finally asked for a bill……….before remembering that neither of us had brought any money out…….ever wanted the ground to swallow you whole?

I explained to the owner that I would go back to get my purse and my husband would stay… collateral!

She couldn’t have been lovelier, embracing me for being embarrassed. And then as I left she came over to my hubby and poured him a large brandy…saying she thought he looked like he needed it.

And that’s why Spain rocks!


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