House for sale – Fulwood, Preston PR2


OK here’s my house:

I bought it for a number of reasons – it is 1/4 mile from Junction 32 of the M6…speedy access to go sailing in the Lakes, head to an airport for the hols…commute!

It’s also across the road from a number of independent shops – a bakery, butcher’s, newsagent’s, hairdresser’s, pharmacy and a doctors’ practice……so very convenient – you don’t know how much you miss it till it’s gone.

I’m a bit keen on original features, so I fell immediately for the enormous original stained glass window on the stairs. It’s an absolutely breathtaking piece of craftsmanship and casts the whole house in full light for most of the day.

Aside from the window I am also a former potter so could barely contain my glee when I saw the tiles in the bathroom and upstairs WC. Sadly the original WC was irreparable about 18months ago so I bought a new one….good news for water consumption…but was keen to ensure that as little damage as possible was done to the tiles. In effect behind the black glass tiles there is still a wall of the original tiles, hidden. The floor was also tiled and I really didn’t want to navigate away from the feel of the 1930’s so had a slate tiled floor fitted. It might sound cold but it’s not. I’s also got a virtually brand new John  Lewis piano-lid black lacquer style seat!

Downstairs is a small kitchen featuring a stable door…always wanted one and had a new one fitted many years ago. I’m leaving the Stoves gas cooker and Zanussi washing machine. Both have never failed me and I miss them! The breakfast room was upgraded a few years ago to house a wall full of cupboards, a breakfast bar and double glazed bay window. The blinds are from Hillarys!

A local firm who carried out the work and I’m sure they’d be able to assist should any new occupants want to carry on the theme through to the kitchen – try Insignia!

The most recent work was the lounge where I had a double glazed bay window put in – tried to match the 1930’s style leading but it’s quite difficult….not a bad job and as faithful to the original style of the house as I could be.

I also had new carpet, new decor and a stunning new fireplace fitted. Again, while the style is fresh, modern and a contemporary design – there are echoes of the 1930’s deco style – but it’s actually ultra chic Portuguese limestone. I had the driftwood flame gas fire…never understood the point of the flaming stones option…since when did beach pebbles catch fire?? The result is gorgeous though I say it myself. The room is light and airy in the summer and ever so snuggly in the winter!

All the carpets are from David Hall, Preston.

The only thing I didn’t upgrade was the light fitting. I love these older ceiling features hanging from a plaster rose. Some might find it odd but it didn’t make the room any less funky in its feel, far from it….it’s got a kind of vintage feel now! And it looks great with purple baubles hanging from it at Christmas!!!

The dining room was the first room I tackled after moving in where there had been pea green walls and a dark red carpet with the busiest migraine inducing pattern I’d seen since I’d been a student in the 80s! A friend and I lovingly stripped the floor and varnished over what seemed like the course of a lifetime…but well worth the results. It’s a fabulous room – really big – warms up a treat with that gas heater and a knock-out for entertaining.

Don’t think you have no storage – those cupboards and shelves hold a massive hoard of stuff so you’re not stuck for room, plus the room is big enough for sideboards or shelves along other walls too.

Sorry but my 1950s furniture is coming with me! I’m not into fitted furniture in a big way and the back bedroom really suited this suite…my mother’s 21st birthday pressie! Yes, the walls are painted a terracotta shade….it’s really toasty and warming but with the light streaming in all afternoon and evening from the garden it’s not an oppressive decor at all. The fireplace was bricked in before I ever moved in and I’d never intended to open it up again but it’s worth investigating if you’re keen.

The front bedroom, again a huge room, made all the grander and bigger for the large bay window overlooking the shops. The fireplace is original and I had the room decorated to match it. As I say…I’m into preserving where I can! Deep new carpet again from David Hall….it’s a very lovely room indeed. It has no fitted furniture within – but John Kelly free standing looks phenomenal in there!

The smallest bedroom served as my office but would make a delightful room for a child. It gets all the sun first thing and is a great place to people watch! Bird’s eye view of the shops…..lots of curtain twitching opportunities if that’s your thing – ha ha ha ha.

I think all that’s left is the bathroom and stairs.

As mentioned previously – the bathroom tiles were one of the reasons I fell for the house and having a modern shower fitted was a real triumph of will over pressure! It seems the world is full of bathroom showroom people who don’t appreciate craftsmanship of old but just want to sell you a new bathroom…doubtless disposable and the same as many others available. All I wanted was an over the bath shower…..everyone wanted to rip off the tiles and install some uber modern cubicle….not really my scene. Ultimately I employed a private plumber to fit the shower. Not a single tile was harmed during this operation! The side of the bath, you might like to note….is a full slab of lakeland slate. I’d always meant to strip it down and expose it but that’s all in the plans for the next owners I guess.

The stairwell is lovely too.

The house always has a sunny and bright atmosphere, I was always happy there. It’s convenient. You could park a bus on the drive it’s so big.

The front garden is largely a shrubbery and lawn with a couple of wygelia, a huge choysia and medium sized acer (which I grew from a cutting).

The side garden has a large 40 odd year old tulip magnolia, a malus, holly tree, deutzia, azalea and lots of bulbs – crocus in spring, fritillaria and cyclamen.

The rear garden is lawned with a couple of delightful plants against the garage wall, notably a large and stunning wysteria! There’s also a passion flower, a selection of herbs and a camelia. There’s also a curly hazel, gunnera, some very well established rhododendrons, an azalea…..lots of perennials which fight for light! There’s quite a large acer (Japanese Maple) against the garage too….another I grew from a cutting – I’m gutted that it’s too established to dig up and bring with me but it is such a divine and peaceful chap that it should stay!

It’s quite a low maintenance garden…the borders should be weeded but largely they look after themselves!

And if you’re into kharma…..there’s never been an argument in that house in the 10 years I’ve lived there! Have a look and should you decide to live there, I hope you’ll be as happy as I was….oh and my reason for selling…I met a gorgeous man, fell in love, got married and we needed a bigger house!

Beat that for a feel good factor!

If you’re moving to Preston for a job at the Royal Preston Hospital, then this is ideal…you can walk it in ten minutes! It’s literally around the corner. Equally if you just landed a job at Fulwood Academy, formerly Fulwood High  School, you similarly well placed. With the M6 within spitting distance, you’re just off the A6, Garstang Road with the Black Bull Pub (evidently a mecca around these parts) and Prego restaurant around the corner. And should none of that tempt you – the newly refurbished Booths is also on your doorstep…..heavenly.

Full details reside with Your-Move. The link will take you there. Ask for Sharron – she’s lovely on 01772 713514


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