It’s all a matter of taste


I’m shortly launching our new website, an upgrade of the platform we already occupy at newroomsonline so am really very excited – exhausted but excited!

My current platform affords me only 500 products and as daft as that sounds, we’ve already exceeded that – so it was time to bite the bullet and upgrade. I can’t say I’m over the moon at the prospect of learning how to manage a whole new load of content but it promises better functionality and a much more agreeable user experience for all my lovely customers….so how can I argue with that???

I’m also diversifying the stock too.

I’ve shied away from investing in the more gimmicky side of the gift market because I’ve always felt from my days of having a shop that certain things don’t sit together in the eyes of the supplier so much as the end-buyer.

I vividly recall, when I had my high street ceramics outlet, being asked by one ceramist, whose work her sodium glazed vessels would sit alongside and how she nearly had an apoplexy when she learned that there was also student work in the gallery/shop.

At the time I failed to understand that it did/does matter to artists. Evidently seating a one off vessel by one artist alongside one by an as yet unknown, aspiring artist cheapens the former’s offering! Personally I disagree. And at the time I dug my heels in, adopting the, “fine I’ll stick with the students’ work, thanks” approach.

I do wonder the score in the online world.

I appreciate that I don’t run an online gallery, but it is amazing how few suppliers want to know what you sell. I can only guess that it’s because so many buyers google the product, jump into the site, purchase and leave, so realistically they probably don’t see what else is for sale adjacently….but I say that purely with regard to my current site. Alternatively they don’t ask because all they want to do is sell to anyone and everyone.

I trust my faithful customers, and new ones to come, will prefer the new version of the website… launch date as yet but coming soon and before Christmas.

We’ve already started with some great new names in Oliver Hemming – clocks and kitchenalia:



Oliver Hemming Square Clock

For a mad take on Halloween I’ve brought in some really cool, macabre Blood Bath goodies from Spinning Hat:

Blood Bag Shower Gel

Sweeney Todd, bloody butcher's apron

Here's Johnny - axe murder pillows

Plus we have lots more arriving from Herdy, Pantone and our newest supplier Ritzenhoff.

More very soon, sorry for the lack of bloggage but I’m run off my feet here at New Rooms towers!


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