Putting on the Ritz(enhoff) at newroomsonline


I’m seriously stacked out for Christmas this year.

We’re currently moving newroomsonline to a newer platform which will give the customers a much better buying experience.

I’d really hoped I’d be able to bring you the new website before Christmas but am now beginning to doubt it. The more I refine my departments and look at designers and work out what goes where, naturally the longer before we can go live – but it’ll be worth it…..and I’m really not a fan of going live until things are how I want them to be…yes, that’s how much of a control freak I really am!

There’s always an amount of pain before the pleasure can set in and the best part of the new site is how many new products I’ll be able to bring you. I’m currently limited to 500 but with the help of shopcreator will be going into the realms of virtually limitless capacity! Yayyyy!

The newest range is from Germany’s Ritzenhoff. You’ll find their products under the new designers tab, and they feature piggy banks, milk glasses, water glasses and champagne glasses.

Ritzenhoff have been around for a long time and their work is the sort that you want to collect. They commission designs from internationally renowned designers, artists, cartoonists, architects and illustrators.

We’re featuring a handful of designers for starters including Luca Casini, Nils Kunath, Stephanie Roehe, Nicole Winter, Nicolas de Wael, Petra Mohr and many more.

All Ritzenhoff’s glasses come in absolutely stunning giftboxes, the milk cartons probably being the most fun, then the more formal water, or Aqua, boxes, while their Champus boxes are just perfect for wedding presents or for marking extra special occasions.

Water glass by Michaela Koch

Water glass by Nicolas de Wael

Water glass by Tim Davies

Each of the water glasses is screen printed around the outside of the glass to mimic etched glass, while the base of the glass carries a full colour image too.

The milk glasses, on the other hand, come in a delightful milk carton, carry information about the designer plus a leaflet about their latest designs. It’s important to note that runs can be quite limited and a number of designs are deleted annually.

Milk glass by Siegmar Munk

Milk Glass by Kathrin Stockebrand

Milk glass by Gernot Gunga

The champagne glasses – Champus – come in fabulous gold and black giftboxes, complete with designer info and a serviette. Ritzy and Glitzy but oh so affordable.

Champus glass by Monika Keller

Champus Glass by Nicole Winter

Champus glass by Stephanie Roehe

And if you’re having trouble saving for any occasion then you need the perfect piggy bank to kick start that habit!

Piggy bank designed by Auge

Petra Mohr's World Cup piggy!

Zwischenraum's sun bathing piggy!

What I love most about Ritzenhoff is that you get the whole package, well thought through. Their designs are divine, funny, elegant, whacky, you name it, they have a designer to fit your own personal taste. Their packaging is second to none. Not only does it match the item within but it’s been tastefully executed, they’ve not invested any less in the design of the boxes. And then there’s the price – it’s all very reasonably priced making it possible to buy something really special without having to take out a bank loan!


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