Spicing it up at newroomsonline


More new lines to introduce to y’all. I took the decision to venture sideways in the giftline, admitting to myself and my stubborn ways that there are some witty giftlines which cannot be ignored, even if they do step outside the norm for my buying activity.

I am very stuck in my ways when it comes to what I select for the website – I guess that’s called knowing your audience. And I like to think I do, but there are so many requests that I receive that made me question if I’m not missing out by being a bit stubborn!

One area with which I have real trouble is sourcing items that I think a man of discerning taste would wish to purchase, in the same way we cater for our female audience. Gifts for men are largely gadgets, cufflinks or ties – male fashion accessories which again, largely, I never really like.

So I’ve bitten the bullet – almost literally and thought  of the large number of men (and women, for this is not exclusive!) who love their kitchens, their drinks, their memorabilia and have opted for a spot of Mustard.

Mustard have a fab selection of things and I’ve chosen, somewhat ecclectically the following for your/your partner’s enjoyment!

AK bullet ice trays – never mind Tour of Duty – what about a tour of the washing up????

I wonder if you could also fill it with liquid chocolate?

Shark’s fin ice trays for that moment in the evening when it all turns a bit Jaws and the men compare their close shaves with the Grim Reaper!


Make sure it goes down with two barrels!

The Marmite Collection – including money jar, sandwich box and toast stamp – delightful memorabilia to help you decide whether it’s a love or a hate situation!!

Love saving?

Hate diets?

Spread the love.....

I also think there’s a big kid inside everyone, and just as I have always loved the Crayola-style products from ACME and Gift Republic, so I think these uber funky computer mice might evoke a few happy Lego memories!

Bricking it? Call a techie!

If you like these then you might want to check out all my new stuff under New Designers and Spinning Hat.

Sorry if the logical order of things is a bit awry at the mo but we are busily trying to get the new site off the ground asap!


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