Orla Kiely – something to write home about!


It’s been a longer wait than I’d hoped but it’s finally in – Orla Kiely’s stationery, and it doesn’t disappoint!

As you all know I am nothing if not addicted to stationery…..not many people start a business because they can’t find the notebook that they want in the shops. That sounds so much more crass and blase than I meant it to, but it isn’t a million miles from the truth.

So it’s really no surprise that the moment I set eyes on Orla Kiely stationery I knew it would be perfect for the site and its customers.

The packaging is delightful – the notebooks come in a hardback, flexi cover or perfect bound style. They are A5, A6 or reporters in style, or if that does’t appeal, there’s a slim style for handbag convenience!

Orla Kiely Notebook

Flexi backed A5 notebook

Orla Kiely A5 flexi notebook

Orla Kiely rigid cover notebook

Orla Kiely hardback woven cover notebooks

Orla Kiely Reporters Notebook

The collection also includes these fabulous boxes of pencils – to die for…..

Orla Kiely Pencils

and address books….

Orla Kiely address books

and notelets.

Orla Kiely Notelets

So I’m sure there’s something here for every taste…if not, there’s always pukka pads and Oxford foolscap…..if you really must.


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