Let’s get this party started!


Yeah, it’s party season again and for once I might actually have applied that knowledge to my stock!

I am not known for marking the classic dates for giftware – I never buy anything in especially for Halloween, I don’t sell cards and I tend to buy my stock to apply to any occasion. I like to think, for example, that you could buy a Valentine’s Day gift from me that would serve equally well as a birthday present, a house-warming, a wedding or anniversary surprise.

This Christmas, however, I was determined to kick start the kitchen department into more action than linens and salt mills! So I’ve gone all out on cup cakes and ice trays. they’re classic novelty but practical, fun and functional.

I love the wide range of hilarious ice trays available and am determined to offer as wide a selection of high quality manufacture as I can find…..to suit the site of course. So we have:

Brain Freeze

For the ultimate floating brain!

Edvard Munch’s (Ice) Scream

For a banging hangover

Handguns for he secret agent in your life!

Do you expect me to drink Mr Bond?

Cold Blooded Vampire teeth

Bloody Mary anyone?

My own personal favourite for winding up the non-drinkers …the Chillbots

Space age boozing!

The other fad to which I have fallen victim hook, line and sinker is the cup cake phenomenon. In my day what we’re currently calling a cup cake was a fairy cake….which is probably why it’s taken me so long to engage. So I went for something a bit off the wall in buying cup cake baking moulds. They’re all made out of silicone so ideal for baking and so easy to clean. And they make for a really nice twist on the conventional cup cake, perfect if you’re doing kids’ parties with a theme.

For a truly Mad Hatter’s Tea Party….

Milk and two sugars please!

For the Robot crazy afternoon tea…

My head spins round too!

Nomskulls – for that Vampy afternoon treat!

Nom nom nom

So let me know what you think! I think they’re all a hoot and I hope you do too.


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