Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – update


So that was the semis.

I watched up to the point that The Apprentice began and then the battle for which programme would make me shout at the TV more commenced…..that and the twitter peer group pressure.

It seemed like everyone was watching up to that point then we all changed our affections, or rather, anger management, to The Apprentice.

Of course, an amalgamation of the two would have been favourable with Lord Sugar announcing, “Right ponces, here’s £1 million, your task is to make sure Blue win. I’ll see you back in the board room in a few days time when one of you will be fired.”

And so to the Eurovision Song Contest final.

There are elements of the Eurovision competition that grate. It’s not a level playing field for starters. For example, the UK never has has to go through the qualifying rounds because it was one of the original countries in the EBU (at least I think that’s the reason).

That’s a bit like saying Preston North End should never grace any division other than the Premiership because we’ve been around forever and were one of the first teams in the football league. Can you imagine??? Mind you, it would make me smile to wipe the smug grins off the Chelsea and Arsenal fans’ faces!

I’m pleased that my hot tips of Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, France, Georgia and Finland are all through.

On the downside, Spain got through… so? But with odds the bookies are giving I wonder if it’s worth a punt.

France appear to be the favourites, although I’m going to stick my neck out oddly at this point and say top three:

1. Serbia

2. Finland

3. Hungary

At least those were the three I posted after the first semi. You’ll notice at the top I sign in as though all the semis had taken place but thicko here hadn’t realised there was a second semi tonight……am I completely insane?

Having turned over to watch the Apprentice I’d thought that all the groups had performed while I watched 16 dumbasses with less talent than you would ever see on the Eurovision – so it is with huge relief that I can say Ireland, Israel and Sweden are NOT out as you may previously have read. Only Israel didn’t make it through.

Call it middle age, call it spending too much time trying to learn how to run and lose weight…whatever – but my tiny, tiny, tiny brain totally forgot and missed tonight’s semi – utterly gutted, plus infinity.

Anyway it leaves me now not entirely confident with my predictions as I wrestle with Ireland in the equation….I really want Serbia to win but I have this idea that Jedward could be bringing it back to the Emerald Isle!

We’ll see. Whether you’re watching from home, attending a party or just not into it, have fun on Saturday night!



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