The customer experience – delight all round!


I have a tendency to say to many people that positive feedback for the website is few and far between.

You know if someone has an issue because they’ll be in touch in the blink of an eye, but positive feedback, a word of praise for your testimonials page, is a rare and wonderful thing. As a matter of cause I try to write or contact anyone who has given me good customer service…in fact most times, the best get a look in on these pages…..see last entry but two!

I had an enquiry from a customer back in February who was wanting to buy a Camper Van dinner service yet was not in the financial position to purchase it all at once.

She asked if there was any way to buy it piecemeal but at the same time was understandably thinking she was going to end up paying substantially more on postage this way.

She wanted to know if there was any way I would hold the products until such a time as maybe it could be sent in two parts to ease the burden. She suggested paying me in installments so that I wouldn’t be out of pocket in the meantime as we simply weren’t carrying enough stock to complete her order straight off anyway……so thoughtful.

The upshot of it all was that knowing how much she wanted to order I was able to source a courier, which is not our usual service offering, who could deliver it as one for a more competitive price…….but it would have to go as one…so a three month wait ensued.

We’d exchanged so many emails throughout the waiting time that I couldn’t resist adding a couple of tea towels to the order as a freebie…it seemed only right.

She received the order last Friday and sent me such a lovely email that I asked if she would mind my putting it on the blog….

Hi Sally,
I just wanted to contact you to say a massive thank you!

My order arrived today (early so I have the rest of the day to admire and show off my crockery!). I want to say thank you for taking the time to order and sort out my purchase, you have done all the hard work and its really appreciated.

Everything is intact and looks gorgeous, you have one very happy customer!
Thanks again
Having read it I was so touched I emailed her to ask if I could add it here and then I had the lovely joy of reading this too….
Hi Sally
I did try to see if I could post something on your website but I couldn’t find anywhere (whether I was looking in all the wrong places I don’t know).
If you are going to put it on your blog I want you to add that the customer service I recieved was top quality, from the updates you gave me  on the progress of my order to the time you took to get the order that I requested (which was rather large).  I wondered where the tea towels came from, thank you very much for putting them in, thats so sweet.
I have already recommended you to a few friends so hopefully word of mouth will get you some more orders. So you can put it on ur blog, I’d be happy to help.
Thanks again
To say I’m chuffed that one of my customers has taken the time to write is an understatement, to write twice makes my heart sing. I’m not saying work is a thankless task, far from it, but it is nice to know where newroomsonline gets it right and where wrong!
Mental note…I must remember what you enable on the back end of the site to allow customer comments on the website!
Monday is  good day!

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