Newroomsonline gets a facelift…..


Subscribers to my newsletter will know I’ve been aiming to upgrade the site for nearly 6 months but more pressing things take over like Christmas trade, the annual tax return, the stock take etc…and you let jobs slide for the time being.

I’ve hummed and ha-ed over when to go live as the upgrade is far from perfect and not as tweaked as I’d like but if I hadn’t gone live I’d have been spending the next 6 months procrastinating even more.

For starters all the product pictures on my original site measured 253 x 360. The new site allows only for 260 x 260 so in effect you are talking about resizing and renaming nearly 600 photos.




Versus AFTER……

The difference isn’t great but it means my OCD is not fulfilled and that every picture is slightly out of balance until I get round to replacing all of them.

The thumbnails similarly used to measure 150 x 200 but now measure 165 x 165 so that’s another nearly 600 photos.

So you will appreciate for a near one-man band, newroomsonline‘s facelift has had to be a softly softly approach.

It went live this morning and I really hope customers, browsers and observers prefer the new approach.

A notable change is that where I had maybe 15 departments previously I now have more like 30. I know. It’s a large number, but, it should make for finding the products more easily.

Similarly I’ve updated the list of designers, added lots of new ones and deleted those whose work I ended up not selling or couldn’t sell for one reason or another, yet had made the provision for their work on the site. I am sorry if this confused folk at the time.

For example, for an age you will have read Emma Bridgewater as one of our designers. I placed the order but cancelled it soon after when I saw the products on sale in Sainsbury’s. I love Emma Bridgewater’s work but I am not about to compete with Sainsbury’s for business! It would have been suicide.

Another designer produced a whole range of Star Wars themed products which were superb, but, unknown to me, had never actually gained permission to use the Star Wars branding, so no sooner had I placed the goods order than he was banned from selling the range.

You live and learn!

Take a look and please let me have your observations, what you like, what you loathe, what works, or what you might find yourself confused by.

I am particularly keen to know what you search for on my site. Do you search for a designer or a product and if so, have I called the product using the same words that you would. I say washbag, whereas you say bathroom bag, someone else might say toilet bag…. just an example.

Am dying to hear your thoughts.





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