Jordi Labanda Cities


It’s some time since we had a new range from Jordi Labanda so I’m very excited about this new selection of pens and pencils.

Cities focuses on four of the world’s most glamorous destinations; London, L.A., New York and Paris.

In true Jordi style, each city is represented by a glamorous woman…I can’t help but think LA bears an uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie!

At the other end of the scale is Swinging London….personally I’ve never been much of a fan. There’s obviously an art to being able to swan around our big smoke for more than five minutes without feeling grubby…..something which has always eluded me….so I find it amusing that Jordi has epitomised our capital thus….chic, laid back and kooky!

Over in New York – home of Sex and the City – it’s no surprise that Jordi’s chick has all the trademarks of Carrie and the girls combined.

….which leaves us with Paris and this funky Jerry Hall lookalike who looks fab in perfect stripes!

The writing equipment is available as single biros, as fountain pens or as mechanical pencils. There are also writing sets available pairing a biro and a mechanical pencil or a biro and ink pen.

They make funky gifts for women young and older…..such is Jordi’s appeal!

Some of the items bear the character on the clip and others have Jordi’s signature on the clip.


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