The perfect gift, don’t be a mug!


Every year I tear my hair out trying to second guess what this year’s big, Christmas gift seller will be and every year it’s the same. They might not cost as much as some of the items I sell, but as far as units sold go, the mug far outsells any other item.


When I had a shop many moons ago in the 90’s, it was the same….and don’t get me started on Valentine’s Day trade.

Is it because a mug is a safe bet? Everyone uses them, everyone by and large has their own designated mug at the office, at college, at home or is it simply because you can spend as much or as little as you want on one?

You can convey a hidden message to the recipient!


You can congratulate them on their achievement… seriousness or ironically!

You can try and impart some good taste to someone you consider otherwise clueless, whose ‘free with 5 litres of petrol’ mugs you despise!



You can share childhood memories……so sweet.


You could encourage them to save the world as much as you want to.


You can give dietary advice in a retro way.


Or maybe you just want to impart a bit of love…….

Whatever your reason, I am sure the reason I sell so many mugs at this time of year, is that there’s very little you can’t express these days with a bit of fired mud!

Prices range from under £5 to over £10, with almost every maker I stock having one to offer. We currently have over 45 mug lines, many of those offering a different variation on that theme so probably over 100 different titles.

There’s bound to be one to suit you and remember, for the best spend on your postage, and to benefit from the economy of scale so to speak – you’re wise to buy more than one!


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