2012 – where anything goes!


I attended my first trade fair of the year yesterday and am truly non the wiser. On the one hand we can expect the ongoing retro vibe that is 1950’s and 60’s design to continue for the foreseeable….so all you Orla Kiely fans can be content with your on fashion purchases.

Orla Kiely Notebooks


Anyone with a penchant for Pintuck will also be right on target for looking ahead of the game as slogans continue to abound – especially those with a vintage feel.

An Apple a Day tea towel

Pintuck linen tea towels - MADE IN ENGLAND


And possibly more so in the latter case as anything whatsoever with a Union Jack or uber Englishness design is bang on. If you thought last year’s Kate and Wills fest was over, dream on. Anything featuring our very own Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly dreamboat Royals is still popular but more than anything Queenie is tops!

Wish I had a photo to paste but not yet – watch this space. The memorabilia relating to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ranges from hyper formal gold lustre edged china to caricatures on mugs and linens, in very good taste, of which I’m sure HRH would be highly approving. I avoid anything which instantly dates like the plague but have to say I fell in love many times over with what I saw. Never been a collector of Royal memorabilia but I could have started with a passion. I wanted it all.

What did surprise me was a lack of anything Olympic to any large degree…and what there was was, once again, slightly retro in feel, so I shall not be buying in potential obsolescence in that area when this beauty will do!


Mexican Olympics Flightbag


Other trends are minimalist Scandinavian design….which is just divine. The beauty of lines and simplicity is truly delightful. There were many different designers present and it would be hard to highlight just one, the choice of standard was equally high….but watch out….you could bankrupt yourself overnight.

At the other end of the design spectrum is what I’d call Asian flavour kitsch. Made in India the enameled steel and tin available is really funky. Florals, abstracts and nature based designs in bright colours on ultra light media make for mail order heaven!

Colours seem to be muted mustards, yellows and greys while Pantone have cited their colour of the year as Tangerine! Other hues are a lovely 1950’s duck egg blue yet a real true blue too, while lipstick pinks, bright greens and exotic warm oranges abound. There will be a precise science to all this, doubtless linked to the world of fashion but I’d say go for it – eclecticism is the way forward!

More as and when but for now….my feet ache!



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