Goodbye Kitty


Anything Hello Kitty does we can do better!

I’m not usually one to buy any coffee other than Douwe Egberts, Kenco, Illy, Segafredo or, if I’m in Spain, as I was here, Bonka! If anything were to sway my opinion to branch out, however, I could be tempted, for no other reason than this – Jordi Labanda decorates the packaging.

The depths of my shallowness has never been in question – Neighbours has been my favourite soap since it launched, so for me to be convinced to buy something just because of the packaging makes me….well normal doesn’t it?

I’m sure the majority of people buy Apple products because they look cool not necessarily their functionality. PC lovers have argued their lack of compatibility with almost everything at some point or another but it never deters the fans.

So would I end my personally imposed ban on buying Nestle products just because Jordi decorates it?

What I loathe and detest, however, is the gratuitous endorsement of anything and everything….which is how I feel about the Hello Kitty brand.

Seriously, as a retailer I should be stocking it, it’s a global phenomenon but I just can’t bring myself to even look on their stands at shows. I am so tired of that image being everywhere. I am seriously considering starting a blog which would just be photos of anything bearing the Hello Kitty motif.

Sadly I have no inclination either towards Nissan cars….but if I did then I wouldn’t be able to resist this for the same reason.

Jordi Labanda customises a Nissan

I can’t even bring myself to show some of the photos of Hello Kitty’d up cars but here’s the link if you fancy a fluffy fest.

And so if my brain needed no other inspiration to lose weight it would be to be able to fit into this from the fabulous David and Goliath whose work I LOVE!

Goodbye Kitty Nukem

Available to buy here from them.


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