Made-With-Love by Gina Rand


March sees the second exhibition in our quest to source new designers at newroomsonline.

Gina has been obsessed with junk shops, bric-a-brac, antiques, car boots and second hand outlets for many years. As time has caught up with her own hobby, she has finally reached a stage where she has been able to put together a collection of precious things which see a variety of items reworked, recycled, re-used and morphed into something new.

She makes no apology for scuffs and marks, jagged edges or spots where fading creeps into a piece – they are all just marks of a former incarnation.

All her jewellery comes in an organza bag and is mounted on a piece of old material. Browsers can choose from earrings to rings.

We’re featuring only a couple of pieces from her range:

Crysanthemum Earrings are made from pink resin on silver plated studs with butterfly backs.

Rose Earrings are made from a toasted peach resin on silver plated studs with butterfly backs.

Vintage Scrabble Rings are created from former Scrabble tiles mounted on an adjustable silver plated ring.

Other letters are available on request – please email us on to request a specific letter. Gina produces matching necklaces too, again available to order.

Her Made-With-Love interior accessories range features pictures and pinboards. We’ve opted for two different heart art pinboards, one in pink;

and one in aqua.

These both measure 37cm square and are made from reclaimed cork boards and frames.

Her vintage playing card pictures marry half of one animal with half of another to create grotesque new creatures like the sqonkey or the horsaroo?

These pictures use classic cards from the Kan U Go game of yesteryear and are mounted within second hand frames.

LOVE says it all – you either love this kind of thing or you don’t, but surely a more thoughtful gift you won’t find.

Again making use of old playing cards, Gina recreates meaningful sentiments, names, anniversaries or just words that are personal to you, and mounts them within pre-loved frames.

In these times of austerity measures it’s fascinating to see how people can perceive a new use for old things. Vintage and retro have been at their height for some time now but perhaps in their more literal form. Gina’s rethinking of the same pieces makes for some great conversation starters….and stoppers!

Take a look at Gina’s exhibition and if there are any special requests, let us know.


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