Literally saving your bacon


It’s not often I find themed giftware so hilariously collectable but even I might make an exception for this group of pieces put together by US company Neatoshhop.

A collection of bacon themed stuff no less.

Years ago when I had a physical shop you could see the themes people sought out – anything with a cat on was above all the most collected piece I could stock, and you get into a bad mindset, as a result. ..especially if you’re of my own predisposal!

Still occupying the safe seat…here’s my current nod to teh fluffiez...

In the same way Alan Sugar reiterates week in week out to sell what the public wants to buy, I bought in the cat range of every potter I could find……which is OK on the face of it, but when, on the other hand, you are trying to position yourself as a contemporary ceramics gallery – a shop full of mugs depicting kittehs contradicts the original sentiment….and affords you absolutely no credibility with the darling potters of the moment!

Neatoshop, however, obviously position themselves in the novelty gift market so ten out of ten for this collection.

My favourite of the bacon themed articles is a rasher scarf!

….quickly followed by the bacon Christmas tree ornament!

As regular customers will note, I don’t really do occasions, I avoid overtly Christmas themed goods but again….you’d make an exception.

What I love most about this is the originality, the fact that I’ve never seen any of these items at any British trade fair and that it reaffirms that despite what some people might say about the Americans, they have a very good sense of humour and DO UNDERSTAND IRONY!

I love the rasher wallet too….they all make me smile so much.

And the wallet reminds me of the meat outfit Lady Gaga wore all those years ago…’appen she started this giftware craze?

I could easily look down my nose at the collection but I think it’s so out there it’s wonderful. The vast majority of giftware retailers err on the side of caution, and justifiably so, these are uncertain times as we’re constantly being told. This, on the other hand, flies in the face of vulgar slogan mugs, Hello Kitty and TV themed wares.

Love it.


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