Olympian Entrepreneurship – who needs tenders?


I watched Ben Ainsley carry the famed Olympic torch for the first leg of its route and for the first time felt a slight interest in the Olympics.

I have a love hate relationship with the whole affair.

On the one hand, great for business, on the other……but whose business?

Two years ago, as someone who was freelancing in business development for a local design studio I would frequent the tenders page in the run up to 2012. I’d seek these fabulous opportunities which were set to benefit anyone and everyone, not only those residing inside the M25. Yet, for us, it seemed a complete waste of time perusing the ‘ads’, let alone the tedium that is completing a tender application. Common sense inclined me to think, “Why would I hire a Preston based graphic design studio over a local one?”

It all felt very London centric, and still does, which is probably why I really can’t be bothered.

We had a national velodrome yet we’ve built another in London…this could have brought trade north, had they used the one in Manchester, and shared the opportunities.

In fact there are many locations which could have been used for all manner of sports, it’s not like we are a huge country. Even Preston is only 2 hours from London!

Then there was the Tottenham bid for the stadium…only to demolish it had they won. The levels of vulgarity when it comes to money seem to know no bounds.

In the news this last couple of weeks, however, I read, with amusement , the various backlashes….people renting out rooms in their own homes where folk can stay as opposed to buying ludicrously hiked bedspace in London hotels.

This week has served as a much needed respite from the hype with torch bearers making the news not only for carrying the torch but for then selling it on eBay…and what a price! I wish I’d applied now to be one.

I’m usually so very proper about things that carry sentiment, I can cry at the drop of a hat and ordinarily, on the face of it, I would be that torch bearer who would buy their torch and keep it as the ultimate memento, gathering dust for all time in my loft, however, the creative amateur retailers aren’t daft.

Currently I am impressed to see many of them being sold for charity….others straight into the bearer’s pocket, and why not? It makes me smile.

The majority seem to be hovering around the £6,000.00 mark at the moment, but there are others up there with a starting bid at £80,000 with a buy it now for £112,000.00.

The irony for me is that we would probably have made more money applying to be torch bearers and selling the torch on than we ever would have out of an actual contract!

The best of the Olympian entrepreneurs, however, rest with the following…

The Olympic Torch 2012 (not official) – current bids at £2.64

Then there’s the adorable Blue Peter style torch whose current bid stands at a measly £1.24, £0.62 of which will go to charity!

My absolute favourite, and a charity one to boot, all proceeds to Help for Heroes has to be this….current bids at £0.99……four days left….come on people!



Like I say, usually I would take the attitude that folk should have more respect yadda yadda yada but to be honest, I am so tired of the lack of any sense of a world outside London that all credit to them….and when someone asks what is your best price….add a grand!


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