Spanish design – is it all a load of old bull?


Err, well no – OBVIOUSLY!

I have always been a massive hispanophile. I love the language, the food, the light, the beaches, the heritage and its innate sense of style.

My main focus for newroomsonline was always borne from the same love, starting with Jordi Labanda and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Last week I was there for a couple of days and picked up a couple of lines I wonder about stocking..

What do we all think of Bad Toro?

Design-wise it’s simple, that’s basically the size of it. Simple, clean lines with a sense of fun. I think it would fit with the world of Kukuxumusu just nicely. I agonise over what boys like….so, shoppers, would your son, Dad, brother, boyfriend like this design? I’m not much of a fan of slick, cheesy giftware for men and figure this might be a fun option.

Not that there’s any desire to stock this…

…but I do love it. If you’ve never visited Ronda, you should. The bullring is one of, if not the, oldest in Spain. The town is steeped in history and it’s simply delightful. It’s just not a place to go in August…I think my husband felt I was trying to boil him alive when I took him there……42 degrees and climbing! The town’s marketing strapline refers to it as the soul of Andalusia and I’d go along with that.

I’ve always thought that for years historic attractions have sold tourist tat to the punters regardless of country, venue or history but latterly I have to concede, the merchandise has improved!

Another designer whose work I love but have never bought is Elena Corredoira.

It could happen – watch this space!

Her designs are lovable and quirky but until recently I have questioned the quality of the product, not the design of the illustration, however, I have to rethink as the quality equals that of my current suppliers now…..let me know if you think Elena’s work is something you’d like to see more of!

San Fermin is just around the corner so I’ll leave you with a link to this year’s great selection of bull running merchandise…..if you’re off, take care and head for Cafe Iruna afterwards for a well deserved beer!


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