Italian versus Spanish versus Lancastrian style!


We went out for dinner last weekend to the latest Tiggis restaurant in the area, on the A59 at Samlesbury in the Ribble Valley.

Tiggis is something of a rite of passage, I think, in every young person’s lifetime around our neck of the woods. Historically it seemed always to be the first place you ever went out for dinner with your mates without parents, probably the first place you got a job waiting on (I lasted one night!) and consequently the place you go back to throughout your lifetime.

Growing up in Preston and school in Lytham I enjoyed the best of both worlds…..Tiggis Preston and Tiggis StAnnes. One of my best friends had her hen night in St Annes and I had mine in Preston – so you can see, a mainstay of celebrations. So we were all gutted to think that they’d gone out of business a few years back….but no!

The one in Preston survived and now there is the new outlet in Samlesbury, and it is beautiful. A seriously gorgeous makeover to what was formerly a fairly ugly place!

The restaurant was rammed, I’m sure we only got a table as our birthday girl for the evening had supplied most of the exquisite lighting….from the the range at Design Conscious. Both indoor and outdoor lighting was stunning…as one might expect.

My attention was drawn, however, to this..


I couldn’t help but think it was a Jordi Labanda wallpaper, it could so easily be. It filled me with as much delight as so many of his illustrations in Hey Day.

It transpires it’s not, but a paper called Claudine designed by Odette at Opus Muras Wallpapers. It is one of six designs from their Courtesan Collection and utterly divine, here in sumptuous copper and bitter chocolate flock. It’s also available in red or ebony but, for me, this has to be the best of the three, though their Nemesis paper runs a close second.

The Courtesan Collection is now up there with the Sanderson Fifties range…..both rich and dripping in style but from opposite ends of the design spectrum. We just put this in our den…Mad Men eat your hearts out!

And best of all? OPUS MURAS ARE LOCAL!

Yes, based in Blackburn, I am bowled over to see such luxury pouring out of our neighbours!

Tiggis have placed Claudine largely in their bar area where it really complements the other factors, but lest we forget, once you’ve drunk in all the fab design, the food is great too, of course!



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