Devillish Drinking this Halloween


When I was at university the tipple of choice every Halloween was a floating brain.

To do this you took a shot of Bailey’s and mixed it with Ribena. This seemed to make the Bailey’s congeal and form a gummy blob of creamy stuff with purple Ribena veins running through it which you then dropped into a pint of lager where the ‘brain’ would float… horrible.

These days it’s much easier to fake ghoulish goings on with Brain Freeze ice trays but be prepared…these are no delicate, little, sculpted pieces of ice, these feel like they are the size of a small brain! Yes, huge chunks of ice abound.

Milk with a little Blood Tonic for colour!


Great fun for Halloween parties where kids aren’t exactly going to have free flowing Bailey’s!

To add more grimness I added a touch of Ribena……it looks like the brain has been recently extracted!


And to finish off I gave it a swirl……the perfect mocktail for the children…..although this adult loved it!

Sinewy, sinister and sick!


Have fun this Halloween….don’t have nightmares.


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One Response to “Devillish Drinking this Halloween”

  1. Mademoiselle Poirot Says:

    Oh yikes! That does look pretty horrid, not sure I’d like to even drink it… 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It’s always great to ‘meet’ people who like the same things/people. Have a great evening xo

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