Lozza! Newroomsonline’s answer to the love it/hate it debate.


Yes Laurence is the second member of our MMU Agency Life Team who will be championing all things Marmite for the foreseeable….hopefully ensuring that even if you don’t love the black sticky stuff per se, you will, at least, love the merchandise enough to buy some!

Laurence’s talents go way beyond the humble world of retail marketing…with aspirations of entering quite different areas of life from the music industry to pro skateboarding. I am currently trying to persuade him to use these extra curricular skills to market our stuff in a more contemporary way…..watch this space!

As the team starts to experiment with creating films for a youtube channel, maybe Laurence will become our in-house creative director…..you know you want to Loz!

I can’t argue with his taste in our range – the ACME crayon pens are a firm favourite of mine – I think the design is inspired….and as for XL mugs….there isn’t a mug of tea I won’t drink…so no arguments there either!


And so to his 20 answers:

  1. Name – Laurence Donaldson
  2. Nickname  – Lozza
  3. Age – 20
  4. Course of study at MMU   Retail Marketing Management
  5. What is your dream job?    Something to do with Advertising
  6. Where do you see yourself at 30 years old?   Not sure
  7. Tunnocks Teackes or Kit Kat?  Kit Kat
  8. Favourite TV Show?  Breaking Bad or Peep Show
  9. Who is your role model?  Don’t really have one
  10. What is the last book you read?  A bit of a Blur- by Alex James
  11. What is your favourite film?  Anything with Will Ferrell
  12. What was the last CD you bought?  Q-Tip- The Renaissance
  13. What made you choose Manchester for your degree?   I like Manchester?
  14. What is your most commonly used word or phrase?   Cool, peng, safe or sick
  15. If you could invite 4 famous people to dinner, who would you invite and why?   Snoop Dogg, Josh Homme, Jack Black and Damon Albarn
  16. Where is the one place on earth you’d like to visit?  Iceland
  17. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?      Hmmmmm
  18. How much is a pint of milk?   50p
  19. Who’s going to win this year’s X Factor?  Hopefully nobody
  20. Of all the products available at newroomsonline, which is your favourite?  Either the Crayon Pens or one of the XL mugs.

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