Eleanor – Queen of Pintuck!


Eleanor is the third member of our Agency Life Team here at newroomsonline.

She always makes me laugh and hides her light under a bushel…..a little questioning of her own writing skills at first, it was a real pleasure to read her rewrites of my product content.

She has a talent with words that I hope to put to good effect as the project progresses…..it’s interesting how she immediately challenged the way I have written things myself – which is both daring (for someone who says she isn’t) and refreshing for me. It’s making me see my own work in a new light and I am already working on a change in the style of my own product content as a result!

Hey, who’s doing the knowledge sharing here?

Eleanor is championing Pintuck designs, a retro range using a combination of wartime slogans and vintage style patterns to create a lovely selection of mugs, tea towels and assorted kitchen linens.


  1. Name – Eleanor
  2. Nickname – Nor
  3. Age – 19
  4. Course of study- MMU Retail Marketing Management
  5. What is your dream job? – To run my own business
  6. Where do you see yourself at 30 years old? – Married with a career and ready to start a family
  7. Tunnocks Teackes or Kit Kat? – Kit Kat CHUNKY!!
  8. Favourite TV Show? – F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!
  9. Who is your role model? – I don’t have anyone in particular but just someone who has been successful in their business
  10. What is the last book you read? – That is a very good question, there is a reason I don’t know big words!
  11. What is your favourite film?  – Matilda
  12. What was the last CD you bought? – A Christmas one last year because it had ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ on it
  13. What made you choose Manchester for your degree? – I  really liked the city and maybe partly because my dad grew up here
  14. What is your most commonly used word or phrase? – Oh my god and I love my life
  15. If you could invite 4 famous people to dinner, who would you invite and why? –  Michael Mcintyre because he’s hilarious and would keep us amused all evening , Matthew Perry as Chandler ‘cos I wish Chandler from friends was my best friend, Gordon Ramsey so he could cook for us and Santa is technically a celebrity, right? Santa so he can bring us presents!
  16. Where is the one place on earth you’d like to visit? – Australia
  17. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?  – The fact I can’t answer this question makes me feel I should be daring , this could get dangerous!
  18. How much is a pint of milk? – I don’t get if I’m supposed to answer this or say something clever?!
  19. Who’s going to win this year’s X Factor? – Ella Henderson
  20. Of all the products available at newroomsonline, which is your favourite? – I really like the milk glasses, I’m such a child!

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One Response to “Eleanor – Queen of Pintuck!”

  1. Sue Says:

    What a wonderful piece of work. Eleanor must be a very special and funny girl.

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