Winter Warmers – Laura Crosby


With the warm weather officially behind us, there is nothing better than getting cosy in front of the fire with a blanket and a cup of warm, whipped cream topped with hot hot chocolate!

I love nothing more than doing just that, especially as Manchester weather isn’t the best!

Here are my top five favourite mugs from the newroomsonline collection to enjoy my hot chocolate in.

Keith Brymer Jones Chocolate Mug

Keith Brymer Jones’ chocolate mug.

Obviously with chocolate on the mug this is one of my favourites. Does what it says on the tin!

RR Dog mug

Repeat Repeat Dachshund mug.

Sausage dogs are definitely my favourite, but I cannot have a pet, so seeing one on a mug is close enough!


Little Miss Chatterbox Mug

This mug sums up what every girl does when they get together, gossip over hot drinks!


The retro design on this mug by Mary Fellows is girly and so cute, absolutely love this one.

Herdy Sheep Mugs

Have sheep ever been cuter?

Find all these mugs on newroomsonline before all the hot chocolate addicts (or just me) snap them up!


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