A Diet which includes raising a Champagne Glass – Reena Chauhan


How do you get into a great shape after Christmas without cutting out drinking?

Most diets cut out alcohol but it is now said that  The Champagne Diet not only allows you to drink alcohol but encourages a daily flute or two as part of a weight-loss diet.

According to Health24 website they state the Champagne Diet consists of classy foods with champagne.

Breakfast: Consists of high-fibre carbohydrate and monounsaturated fat such as whole-wheat bread with olive oil margarine.

Snack: Fresh fruit

Lunch: Pizza with goat’s cheese and vegetables

Dinner:  Lean grilled meat or smoked fish with salad or mix vegetables

Daily snacks: The best part of the diet 2 flutes of dry champagne.

The diet plan is “proven” to be between 1200 and 1400 kcal per day. Amazing foods with luxury champagne.

Who are we to say if all this works but if you’re having a go, then this Diet wouldn’t be the same without these amazing Ritzenhoff champagne glasses.

You can choose from:

Ritzenhoff Doves Champus Glasses


This champagne glass has been designed by Stephanie Roehe which includes kissing doves and golden hearts.

Ritzenhoff Hearts Champagne Glasses


This Golden hearted champagne glass has been designed by Rurik Mahlberg

Ritzenhoff Bubbles Champagne Glass


Explosion of bubbles designed by Nils Kunath

Ritzenhoff Music Champus Glasses


Music and Champagne best way for a celebration designed by Nathalie Jean

Ritzenhoff Butterflies Champus Glasses


Designed by Monika Keller, these glasses are decorated with golden Butterflies and ribbon

Ritzenhoff Stars Champagne Glasses


Lothar Klaschik has designed this classy golden stars champagne glass

Ritzenhoff Dotty Champagne Glass


Luca Casini’s champagne glass designed with gold, silver and black dots.

For those that don’t drink:

Ritzenhoff Water Glass 


Cute but Gorgeous Aqua water glass designed by Nicolas de Wael’s


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