Valentine Schmalentine!


As a gift retailer we should really be about flogging you as much as we can this Valentine’s Day but a straw poll around the office and immediate vicinity would imply a distinct amount of cynicism when it comes to grand declarations.

What's love got to do with it?

What’s love got to do with it?

Whereas our male contingent was eager to woo, romance and offer the consummate dreamy day for his beloved, the girls found the idea of receiving flowers and most gifts almost pathetic!

Maybe it’s my generation versus theirs, but the idea of my husband walking through the door with an armful of tulips or irises or freesias fills me with no end of joy….I’d even consider cooking him some peas in return (trust me this is a big ask!). Conversely our marketing team of four women thought the idea of flowers lacking in thought, a throw away gesture, a nod to the day in hand, a cliche.

On the one hand every day should be special, we all argued……on the other…it’s Valentine’s Day!

And so the talk turned to “Well what would you like for Valentine’s Day?”

After much discussion and polls on both our Facebook page and personal pages we gathered the following “intelligence”.

Answers in no particular order from both men and women:

  1. A nice day out somewhere
  2. Dinner
  3. A day on the fells – alone (huh?)
  4. Quality underwear – note quality!!!
  5. A trip to the theatre
  6. Jewellery
  7. A plant
  8. Food
  9. Money (!)
  10. A trip to the seaside (preferably without the kids)
  11. Chocolates
  12. And finally – a personal gift bought with thought

Ever wondered if you were in the right business?????

Last year the Daily Mail (yes I did say that….kudos disappears) reported that British  men would be spending £611 million on their other halves while the women would be spending £269 million on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Austerity measures are doubtless in place – in store merchandising I would have to say appears far less vulgar then usual….but in case you can’t face the day empty handed, can I make the following suggestions?

1. Take your other half a coffee in bed….but from a nice new latte mug!



2. Buy him something to make him smile at work for the day….an outsize lego mouse!



3. Ask her to move in subtly….with a new key ring!



Romance isn’t dead……it’s just resting!


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