Reena – MMU Agency Life Teamster!


Reena is the last member of our MMU Agency Life team left to introduce to you.

A great Prestonian, Reena turns up every week making me look dishevelled and decidedly uncool – I consider her the ultimate Bond girl, she combines style with fun and intelligence , doubtless, set to have a fabulous career ahead of her……with her own Event Management company, I can see more freelance opps for me! Yippeee!


Here are her 20 questions…….except there are only 19……no idea what happened to the last one!

  1. Name – Reena Chauhan
  2. Nickname – Most of my friends call me Ree for short
  3. Age – 21
  4. Course of study at MMU – Retail Marketing and Management
  5. What is your dream job? – My dream job would be to own my own Events company
  6. Where do you see yourself at 30 years old? I hope to have travelled the world, be living in a large house with husband and kids. I want to have my own company that’s successfully earning a lot of money and enjoying life
  7. Kit Kat or Tunnocks Teacake? – Kit Kat
  8. Favourite TV Show? – My Wife and Kids shame it doesn’t come on TV anymore
  9. Who is your role model?  – Beyonce Knowles is my role model as she is an amazing businesswoman, married with a child yet she keeps her family life private
  10. What is the last book you read? PS I love you
  11. What is your favourite film? –  Mrs Doubtfire a childhood classic
  12. What was the last CD you bought? – Michael Jacksons album a very long time ago
  13. What made you choose Manchester for your degree? I chose to study in Manchester as I love the city. Compared to where I live, Manchester is a lot bigger which helps me gain more independence
  14. What is your most commonly used word or phrase? FABULOUS..!!
  15. If you could invite 4 famous people to dinner, who would you invite and why? Nicki Minaj – think she is an amazing singer, seems fab to be around. Alan Carr – hilarious human. The Queen. – she is a cute old woman and she is the Queen..!! Beyonce Knowles – a very private celeb, fantastic singer an amazing family woman also my role model.
  16. Where is the one place on earth you’d like to visit? – New York – Shopping..!!!
  17. How much is a pint of milk? £1 I think..!
  18. Who’s going to win 2012’s X Factor? Not really watched it much but I think Jade is amazing
  19. Of all the products available at newroomsonline, which is your favourite? Champagne glasses I think they are very classy an a cute gift

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