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When design goes wrong? XL jewellery!

February 8, 2013

As many others, I am a huge fan of the Domestic Sluttery blog.

By and large I love everything they choose to blog about, their foodie items being sumptuous, their fashion irresistible.

But then yesterday, this cropped up in my Facebook newsfeed and I was a more than a little shocked.

anne morgan contemporary jewellery handmade in wales UK Cardiff 2013-02-07 10-58-11


Accompanied by the question, isn’t this nautical necklace lovely, my heart went out to them….given mine and others’ responses.

Far from winning votes and hearing that cash register sound, of the 94 comments left, it seemed almost everyone did not share the love, many stating that it looked more like a noose, proffering lots of jolly un-nautical statements about hangmen or suicide! For me I could see nothing more than the Emperor’s New Clothes and questioning in my own mind “OMG have they lost it?”

What is a shame is that the rest of Anne Morgan‘s collection is stunning. I’ve seen her work before and love it. Added to which there seem to be fewer and fewer galleries, certainly around our way, stocking what I would describe as craft jewellery.

I’m nervous of describing it thus as the word craft, for many, implies old women making lace covers for toilet rolls, or people thinking their Fimo jewellery is the next big thing when really you wouldn’t give it house space! I mean craft as the height of craftsmanship.

Some noted that it was the first thing Domestic Sluttery had ever featured which didn’t get a unanimous LIKE! and a thumbs up.

For me the most astute observation came from Lucilla Dale who noted that it looks like something you would design for the catwalk. I couldn’t agree more. A one off maybe, that was never meant to adorn women everywhere but a statement piece for one specific occasion, from which more conservative designs would be derived?

If nothing else, it got us all talking, and did take me to Anne Morgan’s page, which is utterly delightful. I do urge you to take a look. Her designs are contemporary, having a really clean cut, fresh edge to them.

and in case we all thought they HAD lost it at Domestic Sluttery…….oh no, today’s shoe collection is to DIE FOR!