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Stylish advertising makes a return

February 14, 2013

I am only human and to deny David Beckham is an attractive man would only be two signatures away from a committal!

And so it was with glee that I saw the new H&M advert. I think it’s fabulous. It’s beautifully shot, it makes you want to buy the product and David Beckham pulling his kecks out of his bottom at the end adds just the right amount of humour.

A superb job the like of which I haven’t seen in a while. I know Sony Bravia did all the great stunt work with paint and coloured balls┬ábut I don’t recall fashion TV adverts having been so stylish for a long time.

I loved the Levi’s ones from Brad Pitt….

to Nick Kamen….

to being mad about the boy with Dinah Washington….is the new H&M a slight nod in its direction?

to Flat Eric…

Few adverts actually make me want to buy anything at all, I credit myself, along with countless others for NOT falling for the hype but as soon as I saw the GAP Khakis Swing advert I immediately went out and bought a pair and loved them all the more for thinking I was that cool!

And maybe that’s it…..finally being told something was cool that I felt really was…..and now I was too! Wish they still fit….sighs.

Away from fashion, many years ago, to my joy, there was a Take The Pepsi Challenge tand on Preston market place. At the ripe old age of about 35 and always having wanted to take it, I took it. I knew #fact that I would choose Coca Cola…..there is no other.

But I chose Pepsi. I was mortified. The tall, impossibly attractive blonde promo girl stated very matter of factly “So you’ll be buying Pepsi from now on then?”

“Er no,” I replied.

“But you just chose it over two others? Why not?”

“Yes I know but I like to have a Coke and a Smile, I’d like to Teach the World to Sing….SANTA CLAUS IS COMING!!!!!!”

She knew she’d lost the argument but really…..why would I?

I could go on…..who could forget the Nestle advert of the woman in the VW making a cup of coffee in her car? I wanted a Beetle and a portable element for years after that one.

It’s really good to see some chic in our adverts at this time of austerity…and while I know DB abounds, he is everywhere, we forgive him because, well, he seems such a bloody nice chap!

I applaud those making 2012’s Christmas ads who didn’t go all out on huge celebrity casts to flog us stuff that we were always going to buy regardless of who was flogging it, but seeing David Beckham in his trollies brightened my day!

Here’s one for the fans…..oh…and thanks Guy Ritchie too!