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Mother’s Day 2013 – Amelia Carey

February 28, 2013

Mothering Sunday is approaching (10th March FYI) so it’s time to start celebrating our Mums! In case you’re struggling with ways to show your Mum just how much you appreciate her, we have a few ideas we’d be happy for you to steal.

First of all, make sure you head to to take a look for yourself at our huge selection of gifts, we have everything from mugs to bags.

Everyone’s mum is different, and we all have a different budget and style, so read on to discover everything from cute little gifts to grand gestures, all of which will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your Mum’s face.

So let’s start small, it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford much on Mother’s Day, the best gifts are always the most personal ones. Even if something doesn’t cost a penny, if you put a lot of thought into something, it will always be appreciated much more than something expensive and unoriginal. One thing we’re not short of at Newrooms is mugs! With so many designs and patterns to choose from you’re bound to find something that your Mum will love, and it won’t break the bank. Is your Mum a lover of all things British? These London Bus mugs are fabulous!


One of the nicest and probably cheapest ideas, is cooking. Grab your apron and make your Mum breakfast in bed, cook up her favourite meal for dinner or even have a go at cake. Everyone loves to eat, and personalised cakes or favourite meals always go down a treat.


A lot of women are like magpies, they see something shiny and they have to have it. If your Mum’s anything like that, jewellery is always a good shout! This colourful charm bracelet by Mojo could be the one.


If you want to get your Mum something extremely personal that will maybe even bring a tear to her eye (in a good way), nothing beats a photo album filled with pictures of some of your favourite memories. This Ted Baker album is a personal favourite of mine, very cute and stylish, but the real winner will be the photos you put inside. Choose the most sentimental, tear jerkers you can find!


Now it’s time to step it up into the big leagues! Give the gift of relaxation with a day at a Spa, after all being a Mum is never easy, however old your children are, so allow your special lady a day off to get her pamper on! This kind of gift can cost anything from £20 to £659, but make sure you shop around because you can get some great deals. And remember, whatever the price, everyone’s happy when they’ve been pampered and spoilt.

Finally, I love the idea of giving someone the gift of an experience, rather than a material object. They say people are happiest when they spend their money on experiences rather than material objects, and think about it, memories are worth so much more than handbags and cars. There are so many experiences you can give as gifts, everything from holidays to restaurants to adrenaline filled activities. For the real daredevil, bungee jumping or skydiving is a must, but there’s plenty to choose from.  Take your mum for a delicious meal or spend a day together doing something fun, whatever it may be she will be sure to cherish the memory forever!

The main thing to remember on Mother’s Day is that it doesn’t really matter what you give your mum, as long as she knows that you love her and appreciate her.


Ted Baker – it’s more than just a clothes thing!

November 16, 2012

I’ve always battled with my weight but LOVE clothes, however, being too big for the names I love, have, instead, indulged in the merchandise that IS available to me….and I can’t help but wonder if the big houses aren’t missing a trick….trust me we’d spend a fortune on the accessories if they were, well, more accessible!

Ted Baker, however, never fails to please. He only entered my world in the last 5 years or so upon the purchase of a new pink purse. I’ve never looked back! Joy of all joys, then, to be the bearer of good news.


….sadly not actually in person, but his stationery range arrived earlier this week and I’ve finally uploaded it to the site.

TED BAKER brown brogue notebook – small, medium & large available

Ted Baker has a number of ranges which we are currently stocking…the brogue, tweed and the floral. Brogue as you can see, replicates the feel of a classic brogue shoe. Brogue designs are aimed at men and women including notebooks and an address book, but there are matching touchscreen ballpens too!

These pencils are gift-boxed in sets of six

I seem to spend more of my life writing in pencil than I do in pen these days – easier to correct! The set of six comprises two lots of three – a plain pink and a floral design, both highlighted with gold foil wording at the end.

The photo album comes in its own presentation box making a perfect gift for a special occasion.

The Ted Baker photo album holds 200 photographs measuring 7 x 5. No need for photo corners are the design allows for easy placement of pictures within plastic sleeves.

Some Day My Prince Will Come is embossed on the spine in gold foil

I love this address book – two shades of pink and lots of sumptuous foil embossing…….just delightful.

Touchscreen ballpens – a colour for every day of the week – almost!

The touchscreen ballpens write in black ink and are available in purple, nude, mink, red and (lime) green. They are giftboxed and have their own protective pochette! Great gift idea – am I right?

The green notebook is available in small and medium.

The brogue range includes mink, pink and green in its choice of colour, and is available in small and medium sizes. The pages are gold edged and each contains lined, cream paper.

Finally – more pens for the guys!

There are two pens available for the menfolk…although equally lovely for women! Tweed comes in a tweed design green box with a dark green barrelled pen while the one above is the brogue pen, making a perfect match to the notebooks.

Do you ever need an excuse to put pen to paper?

Notelets, notecards – what do you call them? Do you ever, truth be told, still buy such things? I love these, the attention to finer detail is truly adorable. There are three different designs, all floral or garden bird related. Each has a plain gold back and on the front has wording highlighted in gold embossing. The set has matching pink envelopes and is contained within this richly illustrated gift box. The perfect present.

There are lots of colours and variations from which to choose….and I am spoilt for choice. If you love design, fashion and stationery then meet your perfect accessories!